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Volunteer the way you like – based on your interests, talents and available time. Contribute to society, meet new people,  learn about the Dutch culture and make a difference in the causes you care about.



Search and select volunteering opportunities, causes, location and/or time commitment


Sign up for the volunteering activity of your choice or connect directly with your favorite voluntary organisation or cause


Meet up, make impact and discover the win-win of volunteering!


Volunteering makes all the difference – for society, the people you help ánd for yourself. Because when you contribute your way -whenever, whereever and how you like- you will find that making impact is so much fun! The choice is yours, because there are:


different causes


Voluntary organisations


Discover your living area in a unique way, connect with other people, engage in fun activities and contribute to society. And let’s not forget the karma points and big smiles you get in return!

“I used my skills and creativity to organise a special expat fundraiser for KIKA, to fight children’s cancer. I’ve met amazing people and it was really ‘gezellig’.

Lana for KIKA

“Serving food in a refugee centre made me realise how import human connection is. I also learned some Dutch while assisting the language classes.”

Andy for a refugee centre

“I volunteered with coworkers. Once a month, whenever we feel like it, we pack gifts for children who can’t afford a birthday party. It was a great bonding experience.”

Tim for Jarige Job



What kind of volunteer work is available in the Netherlands?

The possibilities are endless. You can do volunteerwork in every city and neighbourhood in The Netherlands, by working with your hands, heart, head, a specific skillset or learn new things on the go. Make a difference for the elderly, homeless people, refugees, disabled people or nature, culture or art. Go out yourself and meet new friends or bring colleagues, family or friends. 

The main popular volunteering areas are community development, social activities and environment & wildlife. 

Are there also volunteering opportunities if I can’t commit for a longer term?

Ofcourse! You can voluteer with every time commitment: from one hour to every week. There are many volunteering opportunities that require a short-term commitment, such as one-off festivals, project based vacancies or people who just need some help with their garden. Every hour you contribute translates to impact!

Can I bring someone?

The more the merrier (and the bigger the impact). So yes, bring whoever you like. Just be sure to noify the voluntary organisation in advance. 

If I get a small fee for my volunteer work, is this tax free?

If you get a small fee for your volunteer work, it is tax free only if you receive a maximum of €150 per month or €1,500 per year. Should you receive more, then you have to pay income tax. In order to be able to take advantage of this tax break (on the €1,500), the organisation with which you volunteer must have a so-called ANBI status and must provide you with the required documentation for your tax return.

Do I need a work permit in order to volunteer?

Citizens of non-EU/EAA countries require a valid working permit. Be sure to inform the organisation you want to volunteer for whether or not you have a work permit.

Please note:  holders of a tourist visa are not allowed to do voluntary work. Also, if you are receiving unemployment benefits, you may not be allowed to volunteer without prior consent from UWV WERKbedrijf (Public Employment Service).

Who is behind this website/who is NLvoorelkaar?

NLvoorelkaar is the biggest volunteer platform in the Netherlands.  We match all the voluntary work with the community. Easy, hassle free and safe so you can fully enjoy the happiness helping others brings! 

As you might notice, we are still working on finding and translating voluntary opportunites in english. Till that time, please feel free to ask our help if Google Translate doesn’t do the job 🙂



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